Stormfall Age Of War Strategy

Stormfall Age of War Strategy : How To Get More Resources on Stormfall

We’re sure you have the same problem with every single facebook game you play, resource harvest restrictions, well, Stormfall: Age of War is no exception. Gold, Iron and Food are needed to upgrade and construct buildings, feed your units, discover lost arts, trade and also upgrade your unit types. Here is a list to obtain more gold, food and iron in a more efficient way (still not free though)

    1. Purchase Units through the Black Market: This tip only applies if you have a large amount of Sapphires you’re not using. Use them to buy units instead of resources, this seems to be a better cost effective method of producing units, and you’re saving yourself quite a lot of creation time as well.

    1. Swarm Battlegrounds: Successfully raiding a battleground not only gives you extra troops, but also resources like Gold, Iron and Food. Whether you need to defend or attack a battleground, make sure you swarm it with the max amount of troops available and make sure you are quite a few levels above the battleground, you will get less rewards, but also lose just a couple of units, in the end, all the resources you get go to units after a certain point. (remember, sieging a player does not give you gold, iron or food.)

    1. Collect Tributes: Getting tributes require a lot of clicking, but is easy and poses no risk at all. Simply check the castle’s boundaries for Goblins (yield gold), animals (yield food) and skeletons (yield iron). You get 20+ of that resource per collected tribute. But that is not it, you can also do it at your friend’s castles.There’s no limit on the amoun of tributes you can collect, it depends on the amount of neighbors you have in your friends’ tab.


    1. Raid Inactive Players: Obviously, getting a victory on a Raid will yield resources, but here’s one great tip to do it at almost no risk. Look for inactive players. Send spy missions and check for players that have the max amount of resources and pin them in your keep. If these players do not level up in several days, they likely don’t have the time to play the entire day and counterattack you in revenge. Keep swarming these lords, always making sure you highly exceed them in offensive units.

    1. Get Rid of Resources in Excess through the Market: If you happen to have a large amount of a certain resource compared to the rest and want to balance the equation, simply trade this resource in the market, iron and gold are more looked forward than food and the exchange rate is less favorable indeed.

  1. Upgrade Resource Buildings: If you have reached a pretty high level and have just started raiding, you’d better check your resource buildings level, you will likely be starving from resources after a couple of raids and will not be able to produce the units you if your farms, mines and townhouses have been left behind in production times. Every single facility can be upgraded 20 times.
  2. Defend Unclaimed Settlements About to Expire: The closer the expiration time of the settlement means that an attack to it will be less likely, and even though you will get less resources, you will also suffer no losses and thus, won’t be spending resources again to create new units.

Stormfall Age of War Guide Spying and Silent Ones

Stormfall Age of War Guide Spying & Silent Ones

By Calin Ciabai From Unigamesity

“Blindly attacking your enemies in Stormfall: Age of War is a very bad idea because you might run into some really unexpected and unpleasant surprises (such as reinforcements present in the city, despite its low level) so the best way to approach things it to spy your enemies first.

Here is to share with you a guide to Stormfall spying – and how does the “Silent Ones” mechanic work for the spies in the game and help you make sure that you always are the winner when it comes to spying your enemies!

Stormfall: Age of War

In order to spy a potential victim, all you have to do is to go to the world map, find a player over level 9 and click the spy button:

Then, you will have to select the number of spies to send (these are the silent ones):

And finally, you will get a report, hopefully a victory. If it’s a victory, you will know exactly how many troops and resources the player has in its castle:

So…how to make sure that spying in Stormfall: Age of War is always successful?

Stormfall: Age of War

Basically, the mechanic in the game is pretty simple: your Silent Ones fight against anySilent Ones in the target castle and if they win, you get a successful spy mission and the report. Since Silent Ones are pretty expensive and take a while to train, you don’t want to lose them, so a good strategy would be to send as many Silent Ones as possible. Here are my estimates on how many silent ones are enough based on level:

- Under Level 15: 2 Silent Ones
- Level 15 – 20: 3 Silent Ones
- Level 20 – 30: 8 Silent Ones
- Level 30 – 35: 15 Silent Ones
- Level 35 – 40: 50 Silent Ones

Of course, these are just estimates and they won’t guarantee that you will get a successful mission, but the general rule of thumb is to send as many spies as possible.

This also works when it comes to your defense: the more Silent Ones you have in the castle, the better chances for you to prevent your opponents from scouting you. Therefore, training a few early on might save you of some real trouble! Additionally, you can spend Sapphires on Sentries (find them in the build menu, under Fortifications) to increase your defense against Silent Ones.”


Stormfall Age of War Strategy How to Protect your Army

Stormfall Age of War Strategy How to Protect Your Army!

After Level 15 you will be able to be attacked by every other player who is level 15+ in Stormfall: Age of War. Many players progress very quickly through the game by creating a large offensive force and destroying others. While effective, this method leaves you vulnerable to Raids and Sieges from other players.

Stormfall: Age of War Protect Your Army

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Since Offensive Units have low defensive stats, a smaller Offensive army can even destroy a larger Offensive army when the smaller army is the attacker. If you do not have a strong Defensive force to protect your army, you are risking the lives of a lot of units. Don’t worry, there is a little trick you can use to protect your force from being obliterated.

Protecting Your Offensive Army

Note that players under level 9 have Novice Protection cannot be attacked by any other castle. The best thing to do is to find one of these players, preferably nearby to your castle, and request that you become allies. Next, make sure that you can communicate with them by sending them a letter.

Take the army you would like to be protected and send them as reinforcements to your new ally. Make sure to tell your ally not to send your army back to your castle and they will be protected as long as your ally does not reach level 9+.

Note: You do not have to become allies; this is only to ensure that your army is not sent back to you. This also works with inactive players under level 9.

Stormfall: Age of War Protect Your Army

Best Time To Use This Trick

  • When you are about to be Raided/Besieged by a large army
  • hen you are constantly being attacked by another player
  • When you want to build up your army without taking losses
  • During time you won’t be playing Stormfall

Problems With This Method

  • Protected army is sent back to you just when you are about to get attacked
  • You will not have those units to protect your resources (Keep your resources low when you have no army to protect your castle)
  • Protecting castle reaches level 9+ and is vulnerable to attack

Play Stormfall Age of War on Facebook

StormfallPlay Stormfall Age of War On Facebook. Top MMO gaming app on the Top Social Network

Playing Stormfall Age of War (Stormfall for short) is a Facebook-based city building game from Israel-based Plarium behind social game Pirates: Tides of Fortune. The game is set in the dark fantasy world where players build their empire by constructing buildings such as Tall Hall, Barn, Keep, and even Black market. Your castle must be utterly self-sufficient and you must build all the townhouses, Mines,and farms your castle can support. The game features detailed artwork and graphics, fascinating storyline and socializing multiplayer battle, as well as offers dubbing in the dialogue and story narrative.


Stormfall: Age of War Preview




Game Preview


Stormfall: Age of War is a mid-core strategy game that tasks players with building up their own castle town, raiding various computer-controlled enemy installations and, eventually, taking on other players in asynchronous combat. Beginning with a rather barren plot of land, players are taken through a series of fully-voiced quests by a rather sarcastic advisor character and introduced to the game’s basic mechanics one at a time. Like most mid-core strategy games, there are a lot of separate mechanics to get familiar with so the introduction of everything through the tutorial quests takes a very long time. Players are, of course, free to ignore the tutorial quests if they desire, but doing so will slow down their leveling and acquisition of certain items early in the game. The constant “New Quest” popups at the side of the screen are too obtrusive to ignore in most cases, too, meaning that most players will probably find themselves following the quests just to get the game to leave them alone for a while.Despite the game’s overly-enthusiastic handholding in its early stages, there is a lot to do in Stormfall: Age of War

TIPS: How to get more Sapphires?

Six Ways to get more Sapphires! 

Sapphire is the most valuable resource in Stormfall: Age of War. You can purchase powerful units, resources, castle defense and scrolls for lost arts. The appearance of your castle can even be changed for a large amount of Sapphire. Here are the five different ways to obtain Sapphire.

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#1. Leveling Up

Each time you gain enough EXP you will level up and get some Sapphire and Skull Runes. You can level up relatively quickly up until about level 25. I found it best to save this Sapphire to purchase Dragons and Griffins. You can always use the Protect Your Army Trick to protect these units until you build up enough defenses within your castle.

#2. Quests

Quests will usually reward you with EXP and units. You will also get Sapphire sometimes from certain quests that you complete. Be sure to complete as many quests as you can; they will allow you to progress through the game much more quickly.

Stormfall: Age of War Get More  Sapphire Guide

#3. Settlements

Once you build the House of Lords you will be able to locate Settlements. Conquering and defending Sapphire Settlements will allow you to collect Sapphire once every hour.

Note: Sapphire filled Settlements are usually the most difficult to hold since all players want Sapphire.

#4. Rankings

Players each week will earn Sapphire for being on top of the rankings list. Categories include raiding, besieging, battlegrounds, offense and defense. This is the most difficult way to obtain Sapphire if you are not a high level player.

#5. Special Offers

In my opinion, free offers are the best way to gain Sapphire. There are usually movie clips you can watch for 15 – 30 Sapphires each. In addition, you can complete free online surveys for up to 300 Sapphire. Personally I have had more luck with the movie clips than I have with the surveys. New/Special Events are usually the best offers you can complete for Sapphire.

Stormfall: Age of War Get More  Sapphire Guide

#6. Purchase

As a last resort you can always purchase Sapphire for actual money. This is really the fastest way to get Sapphire if you have the money to spend. The latest discount I saw was 3000 Sapphire for $10 (USD).

Stormfall Age of War: Overview

download (1)The Lands of Darkshine have descended into chaos. The empire of Stormfall has fallen, and rival warlords join battle across the continent as an ancient evil rises once again. Wage a strategic war of conquest in a dark world of forbidden magic, dragons, destiny, and heroes. Claim your Right – Raise a mighty castle, master trade and intrigue, and arm yourself with sorcery and siegecraft. Recover arcane Knowledge – Seek out ancient lore and relics to wield powerful weapons against your enemies.Gather your Armies – Recruit Barbarians, Paladins, Shades, Dragons, Necromancers and more to march under your banner.Treachery or Honor? – Choose your alliances wisely in a world where deceit may be the key to survival…Find the cunning to survive, the will to conquer, and the glory of a King as you claim the throne of Stormfall – for the age of peace and legend is gone… now dawns the Age of War!