Storm Fall Age of War: Cheats

Stormfall: Age of War Latest Cheats

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Game Description:

Stormfall Age of War is one of trending Facebook game of 2012 in which you need to build a castle, claim your right, retrieve arcane knowledge and assemble your own armies. Generally it lets you construct your own castle and search for relics & ancient lore to wield strong weaponry that you’ll be using against your opponents in the game. Stormfall: Age of War features recruiting necromancers, shades, barbarians, dragons, paladins and more into your army. While the empire of Stormfall has fallen, its your job to take care of & eliminate evil as well as you enemy warlords.
In playing this, you will experience the medieval fantasy style of game Stormfall: Age of Warallowing gamers to follow a deep storyline, begin creating their castle and make alliance with other gamers to protect the throne of Stormfall. Gamers can uncover the evil world of ancient heroes, magics, destiny and dragons with their objective to bring back Stormfall to its precedent honor. Stormfall: Age of War is free and can be play on Facebook.

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